Curriculum Vitae

Education and Qualifications

2011-2014            University of Kent
                     BSc Music Technology - Achieved 1st
Prize for highest overall average mark in Year 2

Extras:                  Pro Tools 101 Certificate, Grade 5 Music Theory, Grade 6 Guitar, Level 3 IAM Award in ICT, Key Skills, Certificate for ‘An Introduction to British Sign Language’, Bronze Certificate in Duke of Edinburgh.

2009-2011                     Alton College
                                       Maths (B), Music Technology (B), Physics (C), Photography AS (B)                    

2004-2009                     Lord Wandsworth College (Secondary School)
                                       Maths (A), Physics (A), Music (B), English (B)


    Twentieth Century Fox (through Bell Integration) - Desktop Support - 08/15 – Present
  • Provide 1st and 2nd line technical support to Fox UK & Europe and 21st Century Fox using Service Now, over the phone, and Skype for Business (remote access).
  • Troubleshoot and provide desk-side and remote support for Windows and Mac platforms, mobile devices,
  • Perform active directory and Fox applications maintenance and requests (group memberships, password resets).
  • Use of CMD prompt, Windows Powershell, and Computer Management for setting up accounts and user privileges.
  • Manage VPN access.
  • Support users with printer connections, drive mappings, and data back-ups/secure deletion of data.
  • Image and encrypt computers.
  • Server support – maintenance and programming ports for different applications.
  • Ordering of equipment, requesting budget approvals, and setting up phone contracts for Fox users.
  • Liaising with external organisations and Fox partners for maintenance of Fox equipment.
  • Counter Intelligence Agent (technical consultant, assistant manager, admin) at Geek Squad – 10/14 - 08/15
  • Geek Squad is the technical support and insurance company for Carphone Warehouse in the UK. My job description is being able to troubleshoot any technical problem and is primarily focused on mobile devices, tablets, and computers, including cloud synchronisation. The position is customer facing and store-based so it is also mixed with a sales team which is target driven. On a day to day basis i troubleshoot client's technical problems and provide tutorials on how to use devices. This also includes software and hardware repairs.
  • As a Geek Squad agent I am solely responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all technical equipment within the store including demo devices, computers, alarms, printers, etc, but have progressed to a manager position in terms of responsibilities; being able to run the store to the same standard in the manager's absence. This includes leading the sales team and doing all operations and admin required, for example briefings and de-briefings, banking, sales figures and analysis (excel), audits, stock inquiries and orders, rota/scheduling and signing off employee’s time/pay cards. I am also a key holder for the store in charge of opening and closing.
  • I find troubleshooting mentally stimulating and the wide array of additional responsibilities means i always have the opportunity to learn a new skill whilst exercising time management, and can always keep myself busy. I very much enjoy the contrast between being a driving part of the Carphone sales team and the independent technical work of Geek Squad who i solely represent within my store.
  • Whilst working at Geek Squad I aided in bringing my store to be the best performing store in the region and in the top 10 for the company. I have also personally been top of the company for broadband sales.
  • Music Director and Video Editor at Team Lucrative and Lucrative Records.
  • Music teacher and producer at Rock & Pop Foundation/Scamps Music.
  • Worked with UK-based African Pop star Cynthia Maré, and sound engineered for “Medway’s Got Talent”.
  • Owner of Record Label “Kitlon Records” with published works.
  • Sales assistant at Evans Cycles (Guildford).
  • Website designer, photographer, and photo editor at C Foo Associates.
  • Temporary jobs: Waiting events, DIY/manual labour, events service at Ascot, shop assistant at Next, working with children.



  • Instruments - Guitar, Drums, Piano, Bass.
  • Digital Audio Workstations - Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason, Ableton, Traktor.
  • Experienced in studio and live-music based work.
  • I have produced a compilation album comprised of multiple artists each from different genres, and have collaborated with many artists on their own albums as a producer, songwriter, and performer.
  • I have done composition and foley/sound design for film and can use sound analysis tools such as Adobe Audition and Spear, and object-based sound programming such as Pure Data and Max MSP.
  • I can compose acousmatic music (sonic art) for multichannel performance and was chosen to perform my piece on behalf of my university.


  • I have worked in a large group as the director and producer for a documentary film and artistic conceptual films.
  • I am a photographer and videographer and have experience in camera work, directing, producing, and post-production using Photoshop, Adobe Premier Pro, and Final Cut Pro 7 and X.


  • IT skills: I am able to effectively use and build computers, including Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Self taught HMTL and CSS.
  • I have learned how to work well as a team to provide a service and have participated in team-building exercises.
  • I have a full driving license and own a car.


Interests and Activities

I am an enthusiastic cyclist for both commuting and recreational purposes and have acquired skills in building and maintenance. I enjoy team-based racket sports such tennis, badminton, and squash, and water sports such as swimming, kayaking and surfing.

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